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"Girls To Chat, Boys To Bounce", "In The Mood For Something Rude", "Zig Zag Walk" Double CD!

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This sixth and last Edsel package features their last three Bearsville albums as well as eleven bonus rarities, some previously unreleased. "Girls To Chat, Boys To Bounce" features new lead slide guitarist Erik Cartwright but also found Nick Jameson back in the producers chair and saw them recapture their old magic. Jameson rejoined them on bass for the themed album "In The Mood for Something Rude". Continued by the theme started by the bands earlier cover of Al Green's "Take Me To The River" Foghat deliver their versions of songs made famous by Ann Peebles, Sly Johnson, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Delbert McClinton and Rodney Crowell. "Zig Zag Walk" was again produced by Jameson and along side some Lonesome Dave originals features a cover of Louis Jordan's "Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" and country classic "It'll Be Me". The Bonus tracks include the band's very rare two Christmas singles, three single edits,  alternate mixes of "What A Shame" and "Ride, Ride, Ride" and two previously unissued songs. The package contains the lyrics and brand new extensive notes by Bearsville expert Paul Myers who has interviewed Roger Earl and Nick Jameson especially for these re-issues.

Track List

"Girls To Chat, Boys To Bounce"

1. Wide Boy

2. Let Me Get Close To You

3. Live Now - Pay Later

4. Love Zone

5. Delayed Reaction

6. Second Childhood

7.Weekend Driver

8. Sing About Love

Track List

"In The Mood For Something Rude"

9. Slipped, Tripped, Fell in Love

10. Bustin' Up or Bustin' Out

11.Take This Heart Of Mine

12. Love Rustler

13. Ain't Living Long Like This

14. Back For A Taste Of Your Love

15. There Ain't No Man That Can't Be Caught

16. And I Do Just What I Want

Track List

"Zig Zag Walk"

1.That's What Love Can Do

2. Zig Zag Walk

3. Choo Choo Ch'Boogie

4. Jenny Don't Mind

5.Three Wheel Cadillac

6. It'll Be Me

7. Silent Treatment

8. Down The Road A Piece

9. Seven Day Weekend

10. Linda Lou

Rarities Track List

11. Run Run Rudolph

12.All I Want For Christmas is You

13. Slow Ride (Single Version)

14. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Live) (Single Version)

15. Third Time Lucky (Single Version)

16. What A Shame (Bearsville Mix)

17. Ride, Ride, Ride (Dave Edmunds Mix)

18. Mad Hatters Cabbage

19. Knee Trembler (by Blind Ham Hock)

20. What A Shame (Andy John's Mix with Sax Solo)

21. Radio Ad Soundbed

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