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Autographed copy -Double Vinyl LP of "Under the Influence"

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Order our 2016 record "Under the Influence" on vinyl, autographed by the band!  Featuring several special guests including Kim Simmonds, Nick Jameson, Scott Holt, Dana Fuchs & Rodney O'Quinn & produced by Grammy Award winner Tom Hambridge. Order your autographed copy of this double LP vinyl now! 

"Under the Influence" Track Listing

1. “Under the Influence”
2. “Knock It Off”
3. “Ghost”
4. “She’s Got a Ring in His Nose”
5. “Upside of Lonely”
6. “Heard It Through the Grapevine”
7. “Made Up My Mind”
8. “Hot Mama”
9. “Heart Gone Cold”
10. “Honey Do List”
11. “All Because of You”
12. “Slow Ride”


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