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It’s been over 53 years since anyone had to ask: What’s a Foghat?

“Slow Ride” “Fool for the City” “I Just Want to Make Love to You”        “Third Time Lucky” “Drivin’ Wheel” “Stone Blue” “Honey Hush”        “Home in My Hand” “Road Fever” “Terraplane Blues” "Drivin' On"

Foghat: Boogie Kings for Over Five Decades
In 2024, Foghat celebrates 53 years of rock ‘n’ roll history. This legendary band released their latest album, Sonic Mojo, in November 2023, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues Charts and as of June 2024, the album had remained on the charts for 27 weeks. Known for their infectious boogie rock, Foghat continues to captivate audiences, delivering high-energy performances that are just as thrilling today as they were in 1977 when their classic multi-platinum album, Foghat Live, broke them worldwide.
Foghat's timeless appeal spans generations. Their concerts attract Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millennials, and younger fans alike. Whether discovered through the video game Guitar Hero III, the movie Dazed & Confused, or the inclusion of "Slow Ride" in Top Gun/Maverick (2023), fans unite under the band's electric energy and boogie-inducing music.
Sonic Mojo and Recent Acclaim
Foghat's new album, Sonic Mojo, has been met with widespread critical acclaim. The album showcases Bryan Bassett’s slide guitar mastery, earning praise for its blend of blues, rock, and country influences. Critics highlight tracks like "She’s A Little Bit of Everything," "Mean Woman Blues," and "Drivin’ On" for their dynamic energy and exemplary guitar work​ (ROCK AND BLUES MUSE)​​ (Blues Rock Review)​​ (100% ROCK MAGAZINE)​​ (Front Row Report)​.
Rock and Blues Muse commended the band’s ability to infuse new life into classic tracks while maintaining their authentic sound. Blues Rock Review rated the album 9/10, emphasizing Bassett's slide guitar as a standout element. 100% Rock Magazine noted the band's seamless blend of influences and praised the precision of the guitar work. Front Row Report described Sonic Mojo as a fun and engaging album, perfect for road trips, and lauded it as one of the strongest records in Foghat’s extensive career.
In addition to Bryan Bassett's remarkable contributions, the reviews also highlight the stellar performances of other band members. Roger Earl's drumming is described as dynamic and driving, anchoring the band's powerful rhythm section. Scott Holt's vocals and guitar work have been praised for their energy and compatibility with the band's classic sound. Rodney O’Quinn’s bass lines provide a solid foundation, contributing to the album’s overall groove and feel.
A Legacy of Music
Foghat's journey began in 1971 when Lonesome Dave Peverett and Roger Earl left Savoy Brown to start their own band. In 1975, they released Fool for the City, an album that included the hit song "Slow Ride." This track became a huge success and is still one of the band's most recognizable songs. The success of "Slow Ride" was followed by 1977's Foghat Live, a multi-platinum album that solidified their place on the worldwide music map. Over the years, Foghat has earned eight Gold Records, one Platinum Record, and one Double Platinum record. Despite the inevitable ups and downs, including the loss of beloved members Lonesome Dave (2000), Rod Price (2005), and Craig MacGregor (2018), the band has persevered, driven by their love of music.
Current Lineup and Enduring Spirit
The 2024 lineup includes founding member Roger Earl on drums, long-time member Bryan Bassett (formerly of Molly Hatchet and Wild Cherry) on lead and slide guitar, Rodney O’Quinn (Pat Travers Band) on bass and vocals, and newest member Scott Holt (Buddy Guy) on lead vocals and guitar. Holt, who previously played with Foghat side project Earl & the Agitators, seamlessly fits into the band’s dynamic, contributing to their ongoing legacy.
Scott Holt brings a wealth of experience and energy to Foghat. Before joining the band, he spent ten years as the guitarist for blues legend Buddy Guy. Holt's powerful vocals and guitar work have been described as a perfect fit for Foghat, adding a fresh yet familiar sound to the band’s repertoire. His previous work with Earl & the Agitators provided a natural transition into Foghat, where he continues to impress both fans and critics alike.
Rodney O'Quinn joined Foghat in 2015, bringing his extensive background from playing with the Pat Travers Band. O’Quinn's solid bass lines and backing vocals have been instrumental in maintaining the band’s rhythm and energy. His contributions to Sonic Mojo have been particularly noted for adding depth and groove to the band's sound, ensuring that Foghat's music remains as compelling as ever.
The Legacy Continues
Foghat’s success isn’t just a result of their iconic hit "Slow Ride" but a testament to their ability to continually produce great music. Sonic Mojo marks their first #1 record, proving that the band’s boogie magic is timeless. Roger Earl, the driving force behind Foghat, has no plans to stop, ensuring that this legendary band will roll ‘til they’re old and rock ‘til they drop. Foghat's enduring appeal, dynamic performances, and dedication to their craft ensure that they remain a beloved fixture in the rock ‘n’ roll world, continuing to create and share their music with fans old and new.