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Foghat - Still Rockin' and Touring Relentlessly!

After 40 something years this band is still rockin’ and we don’t plan to stop.  I love what I do and so do the guys in the band.  It’s all about playing music and having a good time.  We have been accused of ‘having too much fun’ but that’s not a bad thing! We still get off playing our hits like ‘Fool For the City’, ‘Stone Blue’, ‘Drivin’ Wheel, ‘Third Time Lucky’, ‘Road Fever’, ‘Honey Hush’, ‘My Babe’ and of course ‘Slow Ride’ but we’ve also added a couple of new tunes that we have recorded over the past 10 years.  We are still a ‘work in progress’, writing and recording,  and plan to be until the day we depart this earth!   And we are about to release a new CD with lots of special guests and some big surprises.  In the immortal words of Lonesome Dave – “We’re gonna roll ‘til we’re old and gonna rock ‘til we drop!”   Roger Earl



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