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Paris Landing – ‘TOAST!’ – Featuring Billy Davis

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is the solo project of long-time Badfinger member Billy Davis. Once again, the former member of Foghat and The Outlaws showcases his unique talents and his collaborative efforts with other well established songwriters and musicians.


is the latest collection of material that offers up new interpretations of some of the demos from the previously released self-titled album Paris Landing along with new tracks.

       Track List:

  1. After The Fire’s Gone
  2. Josie
  3. The Lonely Ones
  4. Runnin’ Down The Road
  5. Souvenir
  6. No More Cryin’
  7. Smoke, Coal, Fire & Steel
  8. You’re Still Lookin’
  9. Hand-Me-Down Heart
  10. The Lover In Me

Produced by Tom Bukovac

Featuring (by order of appearance)

Tom Bukovac

Joey Molland

John L Richardson

Reese Wynans

Sarah Buxton

Craig MacGregor

Shaun Fichter

Mike Riccardi

Ethan Pilzer

Aaron Cheimelewski

Tony Lucido

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