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Savoy Brown "Witchy Feelin' " (2017)

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Our friend, Savoy Brown founder, guitarist/ singer/ songwriter Kim Simmonds never stopped writing and recording!  This record was released in 2017 and we love it!  Here are a couple of reviews"

"Witchy Feelin’ proves the Devil still has all the best tunes. From the thrillingly brittle guitar riff that opens Why Did You Hoodoo Me, we are in the hands of a master, with Simmonds reigniting the seismic vocals and searing fretwork that established Savoy Brown as linchpins of the ’60s British blues boom."


"I was 12 when I first heard Savoy Brown (in fact they were called S.B Blues Band). This album brings back so many amazing memories for me. Kim's voice has finally broken (LOL) and he sounds better than ever. His guitar work is amazing. If there is any album you want to buy from their recent catalog, this is the one!"

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